Friday, June 5, 2009

Conversation between Fiona Tan and Saskia Bos

"How we represent ourselves and how we interpret the representation of others"

Whit this quote we can idealize the artist work. But that's not enough. 

Fiona Tan is representing Netherlands in the Padiglione Olanda at the Giardini. She proposes a multiple projection of videos, time and site specific based. The exhibition, called Disorient, is a video-installation where the viewer is captured by motionless images and moving portraits. The atmosphere is incredible culminates on the main piece of the exhibition based on Marco Polo's figure. Fiona Tan highlights links with a past and a present Venice, recognizing the crucial role of the city since the 13th century.

Fiona spoke for a while about the poetry of the architecture of Rietveld's pavilion and about the mutual connection between artwork and space. Looks like if the artist was firstly inspired by the dutch master-architect ability on organizing spaces and volumes. Even the cover of the catalogue uses the pavilion's plan as a decorative module. Actually Raise and Fall installation is unusual because of the screens proportion, stretched on the vertical line imitating the windows rhythm. We all must recognize that the dutch pavilion of Giardini is really a jewel of modern architecture...

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