Thursday, June 4, 2009

Richard Wentworth

Another friendly conference in the Biennial, this time between British sculptor Richard Wentworth and the curator and critic David Anfam.
The conversation that was held in a Palazzo delle Esposizioni, a space created by Italian artist Massimo Bartolini, was rather a chat between two friends which was well accepted by public and contributed to a good mood among present ones. Without any doubt, a lot of credit for this kind of atmosphere was due to the space itself which didn't allow any strict accademic approach to the conversation. One could say that Anfram was leading the conversation with his numerous reflections and remarks about Wentworth's work. The discussion went from the Wentworth's works exhibited in the Biennial, the problematics of language, works of David Smith, Liam Gillick, craftsmanship and ended up by talking about the peculiarity that dictionaries have.
oftently the discussion was interrupted by mutual laughter, creating some new and spontaneous questions to come.

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