Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yoko Ono- performance

It was certainly the conference which caused the biggest interest among the visitors so far. There was a line of people waiting to come in, but not all of them were able to do it.

The performance started with a couple playing check on a stage, followed by Ono's love sounds, her breaking the chair by saying "no one will tell me what to do", her reflects on the public with a mirror and, with words "are you still walking on a thiny ice" she closed the first part of the performance.
The second part consisted out of two film projections. One was a musical one to which she danced and the second was focused mainly on her life history. The odd thing in this second film was that it was so strongly related to her life in general. We saw the first pictures of her life, her childhood, the stories about her parents, etc. She was attentively describing each scene. The narration followed chronologically her life, shows she did, statements she made, mainly focused on the idea of spreading around the world the words "I love you". It ended up with the song of John Lennon "Imagine" and their kiss. All the time during a projection Yoko Ono was siting on a chair, turning her back at the public.
There was not too much of discussion about her work with the curator David Ross. She basically answered the questions asked by the public, and shortly after it was over.
People could take a piece of a broken vase that was left on a stage and keep it for ten years, when they were suppose to gather again and recreate the same vase.

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