Thursday, June 4, 2009

Massimiliano Gioni in conversation with Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg


The conversation started in a friendly mood. The young italian curator Massimiliano Gioni said: Djurberg means Anymore mountains and Berg means Mountain!

That's an ironic coincidence that actually connects the two in a very close relationship, in their work as well as in their own life.

Nathalie Djurberg, swedish video artist born in 1978, is now exhibiting for the first time in the Venice Biennial in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. 

Using plasticine clay and stop-motion technique, Djurberg puts us in micro-stories where perverted and sexual behaviours show the cruelty of human being.Hans Berg composes all the music bases for the videos. 

Unfortunately the conversation was not much focused on the artworks' contents. Probably, Nathalie has already talked enough about the attractive and the repulsional unconscious sides of her work!

Anyway, Gioni, Djurberg and Berg spoke more about the technique: How her puppets come to life during the making and how Hans gets the inspiration from this.

Actually, the conversation about the "making of" was quite interesting. 

Nathalie infact realized for the Venice Biennal an installation mixing videos and a series of flowers' sculptures which completely overrun the entire dark space. Furthermore, everything is handmade, which is very remarkable for an artist today.

Maybe she is the "true contemporary artist" even if I can't understand or explain well why I'm feeling so attracted by her small puppets...


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