Thursday, June 4, 2009

Conversation between Joan Jonas and Robert Storr

Robert Storr, last curator of Venice Biennale 2007, introduced the new video of the american artist Joan Jonas. The artwork, located in the Arsenale, is a film on Dante's Divina Commedia. 

Fascinating by Italian's icons and by the vernacular language of Dante, Jonas approached this masterpiece using different medium and trying to not fix him in a unique narrative but in a series of fragments.

Jonas is known for her videos that in 60's had a relevant place in the scenario of american young filmakers.

She was performing and filming herself in videos, and during the conversation she pointed on this double presence of her in videomaking: as the performer and as the director. 

In Dante's piece, Jonas (aware of technology possibilities) chose some fragments of the Dante's journey and she represented him in a different context. Robert Storr remarked the importance of the voice and the references to the child's stories.

Then, Dante could be read by everybody. as Jonas said. In my opinion that is a good wish.

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